Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

Opened packages of tea cannot be returned. Non-tea items that are unused may be returned. Contact us at if you have any issues with your order.

How is shipping calculated?

Our shipping fees are flat rates based on the dollar amount spent.

Up to $40 order is $8.00 for shipping

$40-$75 order is $11.50 for shipping

Over $75 order is $15.95 for shipping

Those rates may seem high, but with few exceptions all orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail, which we have determined to be the most economical and fastest method for delivery. In rare exceptions, for orders to be shipped with the Washington, DC, region, USPS First Class may be used because it ends up being faster and within the charged shipping rate of your order.

For instance, a $24 order in Washington, DC, incurs the $8.00 shipping rate. For most locations the USPS Priority Mail rate is between $7.42-$8.42, depending on the size and weight of the box to be shipped. USPS First Class is frequently only about $.10-$.50 less than the Priority Mail rate.

Also, included in our shipping rates is a small fee to cover the cost of shipping materials and mileage to the Post Office. Since this is a home-based business, my mailbox cannot accommodate most of the orders that we ship out, therefore requiring a trip to the Post Office.

Update on 2020 Holiday Shipping Issues (as of Jan 4, 2021): I had a lovely chat with the lady at my local post office since there are a few orders still pending delivery. It’s a multi-faceted issue that she explained as this:

  1. COVID shopping – everyone shopped online for Christmas and it overwhelmed the system.
  2. COVID shutdowns – if a USPS employee says they have symptoms or feels ill, that whole location shuts down for sanitizing and testing. No work is done, which means the backlog is further delayed.
  3. Hubs – some hubs are hugely back-logged. This is why a shipment might sit in a large distribution center for a long time. It gets there, but it takes a long time to get cleared out to the next location.
  4. There’s no additional inside tracking they can do. What’s on their website for tracking that we see is the exact same thing they see.
  5. Insurance/Filing a Claim – All packages sent by Priority Mail are covered by included insurance (varies from $50-$100 per package). I do not purchase additional insurance.
  6. Here’s the link that explains how to file a claim. You have up to 60 days from mailing date to file a claim. For the “lost” packages that are in limbo for my customers, I will file a claim after 30 days with no delivery. I would like to give them time to get stuff delivered. But if you still don’t have it after 30 days (from the date I shipped), I will file a claim and send a replacement shipment (where possible).

How do you blend and package your teas?

We hand-blend our specialty teas in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Once a package of tea is opened the clock starts ticking so we do not keep large stocks of teas on hand. Generally speaking, once a package of tea is opened the shelf life for the best quality brewed tea is about 2 years. We keep our teas in their original packaging from our vendors until we blend our specialty teas. Those teas are stored in airtight jars.

Tea is packaged for orders at the time the orders are placed. Again, we do this to ensure the best quality and freshness of your teas.

How long will my tea stay fresh?

We tell our customers that your tea will remain fresh for about 1 year, if not longer as long as it is stored in an airtight container, out of bright light, and in a cool place. Never store tea in the freezer or refrigerator.

Tea does not go bad and it won’t harm you if you brew it after a long time. It may not taste the best when brewed if has been stored for a long time.

Are your teas organic?

Yes and no. Most of the teas and ingredients that we purchase to mix in our blends are certified organic according to the USDA regulations required to meet that certification. However, once we open a package of tea or other ingredient that gets blended we can no longer call that ingredient organic.

Can I re-steep my tea leaves?

Yes, although we do not recommend it since the second brew won’t be as flavorful. However, the second brew will be mostly decaffeinated. It’s a trade-off.

Retail Package Sizes

We sell our teas for retail in three different size bags:

2oz – in a ziplock top bag that is heat sealed closed (2oz = 56.7 grams)

4oz – in a ziplock top bag that is heat sealed closed (4oz = 113.4 grams)

8oz – in a coffee style bag with an attached wire tie closure (8oz = 226.8 grams)

Samples – our sampler sets are packaged in silver ziplock top bags that contain .5oz (or 14 grams) of tea

We sell by weight/volume because teas vary in leaf size and the embellishments added to some blends cause bulk as well (i.e., dried fruits, sprinkles). For consistency, it’s best to sell tea by weight.

The smallest tea leaves are rooibos and honeybush, which resemble small red needles. The largest tea leaves are white teas, which is are not fermented and so retain most of their original shape/size.

How Many Cups of Tea Will 1oz of Leaves Make?

Because the size of the tea leaf or herbal determines how many cups of tea will be brewed, there is no one answer. However, the following is the general rule of thumb:

Black/Green/White – 1oz of tea leaves will brew about 30-40 8oz cups of liquid tea

Rooibos/Honeybush – 1oz of tea leaves will brew about 70-80 8oz cups of liquid tea

Herbals/Fruit Blends – 1oz of an herbal or fruit blend will brew about 8-10 8oz cups of liquid tea

These amounts all depend on how much tea you use to brew an 8oz cup. If you prefer a stronger tea, then you may find that you brew fewer cups of tea from 1oz of leaves.