Time for Some Iced Tea!

With so many delectable flavors to choose from, I am having a wonderfully varied adventure in iced tea tasting this summer. I’ve gotten into the habit of making a freshly brewed pot of tea each morning when I come down to the kitchen so that at lunch time it is all ready and waiting to be poured over ice. The easiest, no-hassle methods are either brewing in a French Press or with a Tea Sak infuser. My recommendation for the ratio of tea-to-water is still the same as for hot tea ~ one teaspoon of tea for each 5oz. cup of water ~ but, if a stronger brew is preferred, add more tea. Never add more brewing time or you will wind up with bitter iced tea! You’ll resort to pouring it down the drain! After steeping the tea for three minutes, pour it over a pitcher of ice to cool it down. Then pour the iced tea over a full glass of ice, add a pinch of sweetener to enhance the flavoring and stir. There is nothing better than a tall glass of this delicious, refreshing elixir on a hot August day!

Our new White Melon Pear is a wonderful selection for a light summer treat that can be enjoyed most of the day since it is low in caffeine. The infusion brews to a lovely pale yellow. Why not enhance the flavor by placing some freshly chopped melon and/or thinly sliced pear in your pitcher or in the bottom of your iced tea glass, add ice and then the tea for a fantastic flavor sensation. Or try adding peach and/or mango slices to our Watermelon Peach Mango Flavored Black, or fresh blueberries to our Virginia Bluebells Flavored Black. Vanilla Lemongrass Herbal, which has zero caffeine, offers a remarkable taste when served over ice. For you green tea lovers, any of the fruity flavors are delicious choices to serve iced but, our new favorite green tea, Pearls of the Orient Specialty, is especially good. In the Rooibos category, my favorite iced tea blend is our Lotta Colada Specialty with its tropical flavorings.

One could have a different iced tea each day of the week with all the flavors we have to choose from! Why not pick out at least a couple to try this month. You’ll enjoy them well into the Indian summer days of September.

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