Summer Staycation

        Without fail, each year when June comes around, my first thought is always, “Six months until Christmas.”  Does the thought make you shudder like it does me?  Once I am able to shake it off, my next reaction is to think about getting serious about the way I spend the next few months.   With a trip to Disney in February and a short trip to Pennsylvania with two of our grandchildren in early June, we are probably going to spend the next couple of months enjoying a “staycation,” perhaps taking a few weekdays or weekends to explore some areas close to home.  This will allow me to devote the time needed to catching up on my long list of home and office projects.  Here we are, in the middle of summer and not much progress has been made so I’ll need to ramp it up a bit!   

       One way to stay refreshed this summer, whether at work or at play is by enjoying some of our Iced Tea Favorites.  We have many to choose from in this section, to enjoy all day or evening long. 

       Because I am such a task-oriented person and tend to thrive on organization, a top priority for me is to make a list and work on the items that are most obviously in need of being done before I tackle the creative, fun, optional items next.   I’m no fun, right?   Au contraire, mes amis!  (My husband is taking French lessons and I think they’re rubbing of on me)  I know how to have fun when it fits into my schedule!   One of the creative tasks I am looking forward to working on is a new collection of teas ~ a Dr. Who Collection.  Now, how’s that for fun!  Stay tuned for news of when these exclusive teas will be ready for the shop. 

        In addition, I’m working on some new Chai flavors.   And, last but not least, like many of you I’m waiting for word of the birth of Britain’s latest little Royal Prince or Princess so we can introduce a new tea to the Royal blends in our English Favorites section.  Stay tuned for that as well!

         Whether you are planning an escape to the beach or the mountains, over land or sea, or perhaps you are spending a “staycation” near home, may you have a wonderful, restful, restorative summer!

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