Ebbs and Flows

Much like the sea, our lives and businesses can have ebbs and flows ~ some periods are peaceful and quiet; other periods arrive with such ferocity you feel you might be overtaken by the waves. Though I love the hectic, brisk, busyness of the holiday season, it’s this time of year, the spring and summer months, that gives me a chance to refresh, restore and renew. Unlike most years when Spring marks the beginning of another U.K. trip, we are staying put this year, with just a few short trips planned here and there. Our desire is to spend more time with the family, especially the “grands,” who are growing up way too fast.

Spring and Summer this year will also be spent cleaning and organizing, including here in the shop. We’ve added a number of teas to our Spring Sale Section as we clear the shelves and clean out the tea armoire. Many of the blends are limited quantities or product closeouts so be sure to check them out while supplies last!!

How exciting it was to hear the joyous news of the birth of a little Royal Princess of Cambridge! That means I am working hard on creating a new blend to add to our Royal Collection. Stay tuned for an announcement soon!

Be sure to stay tuned, also, for some great blends coming for Summer, specially suited for iced tea.

Whether your favorite place to enjoy these warm months is the garden, lakeside, or beach, take time to savor your Tea Time each day! ~ Marsha

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