Cleaning, Creating and Connecting

Spring is finally here and the warmer weather always motivates me to clean and organize. Getting organized to do taxes is also a great motivator! With the chore of taxes out of the way, plus cleaning out lots of old paperwork and catalogs, the important papers that remained still needed a proper storage place, so I made the decision to purchase two more desks for work and storage space and two more filing cabinets. All of these additions have made a huge difference in helping me keep things in order. Finally, after living here for three years I have set up a long-overdue filing system.



In February, I encountered some unexpected challenges that, at first, were very discouraging.  After taking a good bit of time to process them in mind and heart, I decided that, rather than considering them setbacks, I would choose to face them head on and see what could be done to make the most of the changes. Now, let me confess to you that I am not one to embrace change. To be honest, I hate change and resist it at all costs. But, there are times in our lives when there is nothing we can do to prevent it or turn back the clock. So, with that challenge set before me, I made the decision to go back to doing what I do best ~ being creative ~ specifically, creating more custom blends. The results of that decision are evident in many of the New Arrivals that are in the shop as of this month.  Our “House of Earl Grey” section is full of uniquely created Earl Grey Blends, many of them brand new for your tasting enjoyment. Another new selection of unique blends is my exclusive “Downton Abbey Collection.” With the popularity of this highly watched show, I decided to expand the collection which now includes four creations.  There are also lots of delicious new, fruity blends in both shops, perfect for spring and summer, brewed as a hot cuppa or poured over ice for a refreshing glass of tea.



So, where does “connecting” fit in to this article? It has become obvious that Facebook is an essential part of the business now, especially as I’ve always liked connecting with my customers anyway. But the time has come to ramp up the participation so I hope you will become one of our friends and stay connected! Be the first to find out about new blends, special offers and promotions, not only in this shop but also in our Etsy Shop, as well as the Food For All Reasons Facebook page and blog I share with my daughter.  We have a passion for tea, food and everything in between!

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