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Travel News from Across the Pond

We certainly did breeze right by Spring and into Summer this year! In part it was because we were on vacation for almost six weeks. My husband has convinced me that the only way I can get proper rest, relaxation … Continue reading

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Summer Staycation

        Without fail, each year when June comes around, my first thought is always, “Six months until Christmas.”  Does the thought make you shudder like it does me?  Once I am able to shake it off, my next reaction is … Continue reading

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Summertime and the Living is Easy

Or so the song says. It certainly is starting out that way. Summer doesn’t officially arrive until June 21 but, for me, it started a month ago. And with vacation already behind us, we are starting the summer rested, refreshed … Continue reading

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Grand Re-Opening!!

Oh, to be at the beach in the month of June or any vacation destination for that matter but, alas, a trip to a far away place isn’t in our immediate future. We are still recovering from our move and … Continue reading

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Sweet Tea

I love drinking a tall glass of iced cold sweet tea in the middle of August. We are having quite a heat wave right now, which is pretty typical for August in our area. Most people leave town, but not … Continue reading

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