Busy Days, Creative Nights

Our Summer “Staycation” is over and we have already started to gear up for the busy season that has its unofficial start the first day of September. Each year I make every attempt to be as prepared and organized as possible before I turn the page on my calendar to September 1, and every year there remains on the to-do list a number of items left undone. I am optimistic that I can still get these items crossed off until reality sets in around the beginning of October. We shall see…

One of the vital parts of any business is having a good grasp on the administrative side and, for me, time hasn’t always been in ample supply to keep a firm handle on all the behind the scenes elements that are key in running a smooth operation. I was able to secure more help in that area which has allowed me much more time to concentrate on what I love the most and really do best ~ creating! When I get into a creative streak, it is sometimes hard to get the brain to shut off, especially at night, so I wind up spending many late hours working. But rewards come with hard work! New blends, marketing ideas, displays and new customer business are the fruits of that labor and I am grateful for the time and energy that produced so much this summer.

It’s a Boy!

With those words the waiting world welcomed a new Prince to the family of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. In little George’s honor, we created Prince of Cambridge Specialty Black, a blend all his own! It’s BLUE, of course, with blueberry, lilac, lemon and vanilla flavoring with cornflower blossoms and candy sprinkles for decoration ~ a blend truly fit for a future king!

With the popularity of Downton Abbey, we decided to expand our Downton Abbey Collection to include Carson’s Below Stairs Specialty Black, our exclusive creation of Nilgiri, Assam, Ceylon blacks teas along with just a pinch of Lapsang Souchong for a hint of smokiness. This blend brews into a nice, strong cuppa, of which Carson and any tea purist would certainly approve.

Along with the extensive list of Fall Favorites now available in the shop, do take note of two New Arrivals to our Chai section as well! ChocoChai and Caramel Vanilla Chai have been added and I’m still working on a Rooibos version of our Pumpkin Spice Chai that I hope will be ready soon. A few new Fall teas are in the works as well as a collection of Dr. Who teas! With the 50th Anniversary fast approaching we just know lots of DW fans will want our exclusive collection. Very soon gift boxed options will be available for all of our various “Collections.”  Stay tuned!

Here are some things on the exciting news front. We are almost at 1000 Likes on Facebook! Thanks to all our lovely friends who follow our page and contribute to our love of all things Tea! Our ads have appeared in Victoria Magazine’s September issue as well as Tea Time Magazine’s Sept/Oct issue! And we are now on Square Market ~ another, wonderfully convenient way to shop! You now have three ways to find us : this online shop, our Etsy Shop and now Square Market. Please tell your friends!

Happy Autumn!

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