All You Need is Tea and Warm Socks

We are experiencing quite the Winter weather here in the Shenandoah Valley. Most of the weather patterns this year have put us in right on the edge of the snow and freezing rain line. Since December, we have had snow or freezing rain pretty much on a weekly basis. Mind you, we are not complaining as we love Winter! The view out my office window is bright white most days. For the tea lover, and especially for one in the tea business, Winter is a our favorite time of year. Folks are seeking the warmth and comfort that comes from sniffing, brewing, and sipping their cuppas! All you really need is Tea and warm socks!

The report is in ~ our Holiday shopping season was the most profitable ever! We are so grateful to you, our loyal customers, for making it such a huge success. Never could we have predicted how wildly successful our Doctor Who Collection would be. These teas were, by far, the biggest sellers over the holidays and continue to fly off the shelves.

Our Downton Abbey Collection is also extremely popular as folks stock up to sip their favorites while watching the latest episodes on Sunday nights. On a personal note, we entertained a group of ladies here to enjoy a Downton Abbey Marathon. Over two days, we consumed copious amounts of our DA Teas, scones as well as Downton Abbey Shortbread that I found at World Market. Both nights we took a break for dinner, treating ourselves to the new Downton Abbey Wines that made perfect accompaniments to our meals. For dessert the first night we had Downton Abbey Mincemeat Tarts, also from World Market, that were delish!  After doing this two years in a row, I think we have started a tradition, as long as the series continues!

Valentines Day is just around the corner so do check out our Valentine Favorites in the shop. We’ll have lots of new items listed soon, including our Mardi Gras Collection and St. Patrick’s Collection.

It’s not too late to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year! Hang in there, Spring is coming!

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