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A Traveling We Will Go

My husband and I have been working on an itinerary for our upcoming trip to England and Wales. When the US Navy sent us there on exchange duty with the Royal Navy many years ago, we became true anglophiles. Since … Continue reading

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Sweet Tea

I love drinking a tall glass of iced cold sweet tea in the middle of August. We are having quite a heat wave right now, which is pretty typical for August in our area. Most people leave town, but not … Continue reading

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First Online Order!

Congratulations to my friend, MW, who was the first to place an online order today! For being the very first customer, she will receive a special something added to her box that goes out tomorrow. Thanks, M.! You are a … Continue reading

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World Tea Expo

In June, I was delighted to be able to attend my first World Tea Expo in Atlanta. Convenience seems to be the word that best describes the trend towards making the tea experience the most rewarding for customers. To meet … Continue reading

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Welcome to the World of Tea

There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than opening my front door to welcome a guest into my home. Through the years we have enjoyed the company of family, friends, neighbors, customers and sometimes total strangers from near and … Continue reading

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